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● MORE direct hotel bookings - LESS OTA commissions● NEW one-time fee PPC set-up, then self-manage or pay as you go● FREE-forever dashboards and reports - no purchase required


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Reduce your OTA commissions with paid search

Times are still hard in the hospitality sector but not as bad as they were. Many hotels stopped their PPC advertising during the pandemic - full service hotel PPC agencies were too expensive. Even the OTAs struggled - with much-reduced PPC budgets. We all had to evolve to survive.
Not only is our paid search for hotels service much cheaper than before, we've just introduced the ability to pay as you go. Now it's easy for you to turn PPC management costs up when things are getting busy, and down (or off) when things are quiet
We've been managing full service Google Ads for hotels in hundreds of countries across the globe for over 7 years - for luxury hotels, resorts, and travel operators. Previously this has been through London and overseas PPC agencies, but now you can buy hotel PPC management direct from 'PPC for Hotels' without the agency mark-ups.
Throughout the pandemic we've continued to run a bare-bones PPC service at a much-reduced cost. Even now, we're actively running hotel PPC for several 5-star (and some 4-star) hotels with a return on ad spend of between 1000% and 3000% - so, assuming cancellations are minimal their hotel PPC is cost-effective even during the COVID pandemic. In 'good times' our luxury hotels have had single bookings worth tens of thousands of pounds - think of the eye-watering OTA commission savings for those transactions. 
Your hotel can benefit from a similar bare-bones PPC service. We focus on proven campaigns with low channel cost, excluding unnecessary custom changes, and providing low-maintenance reporting. We've stripped the full service 'Google Ads for Hotels' package down to bare essentials and we're offering it for a price that has been unthinkable, until now.
What do you get?Google hotel PPC management that focuses on brand protection to combat the OTAs, like fully transparent reporting in a live dashboard+ integration with your Google Analytics
The OTAs are great for reaching a wider audience - but not so great when they squat on your brand (known as hotel brand jacking), take 15% or more of your booking revenue, and even encourage your brand customers to book with alternative hotels. 
Who's it for?- Hotels with large OTA costs - in particular luxury hotels anywhere in the world- Hotels that are suffering from OTA 'brand jacking'
Why should you buy it?If you are paying thousands (during COVID) and tens of thousands of pounds (normally) to the OTAs, it's time to claw some of that back with a hotel PPC system that easily pays for itself.  
How much is it?Check package pricing. For comparison, the pre-Covid PPC management fee for luxury hotels was £350 (or the local currency equivalent) per month - but PPC for Hotels is focused on reducing that amount significantly. Note that you will also be charged by Google for the PPC click costs. 
Is it for you?If you want a low cost, no frills hotel PPC management system that works, this is for you. Once the hospitality sector recovers, you may want to upgrade - but you won't have to. The price you start with is the price you will always pay.
When will the cost go up?We expect the cost of hotel PPC services to increase when the affects of the COVID-19 pandemic start to ease. But we commit to zero price increases for the service you pay for - even when the price for new customers is much higher. 
Our missionTo provide simple-to-understand, brand-focused hotel PPC management, at the lowest possible cost - achieving a channel cost much lower than the OTAs.
Our roadmapWe sync our Google Ads (formerly AdWords) with Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) - this will be offered as an upgrade to our low cost advertising packages. We are currently also trialling Google Hotel Ads and plan to offer this in 2022 - currently unavailable, waiting for signs of recovery in the travel sector.
And finally, to sweeten the deal...We're including a 30 day money-back guarantee, zero set-up fees, and no minimum contract.You will also receive a Google credit to your account in month 2 or 3 - dependent on territory and subject to availability and Google terms. This is currently worth $500 in the US.

† PPC for Hotels only works mainly with hotels and resorts, but also works with agencies and affiliates.

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, even the wealthiest hotels and resorts are struggling with costs - we've modified our PPC services to adapt"

PPC for Hotels

Double your direct revenue by using PPC for Hotels

"You receive £6,667 in revenue for every £1000 you pay in commission. "- a definition of 15% commission.

"You receive £13,333 in direct bookings for every £1000 spent using PPC for Hotels ."- average returns from luxury hotels running the PPC for Hotels system in 2019.

Some of our campaigns achieve over 7000% return on ad spend (RoAS).
That's less than 1.5% cost of sales or one tenth what charges. 

PPC for Hotels

Our process

Step 1. Choose a free or paid plan

If you want us to manage your PPC, or assist you, order pay as you go credits (2 are included with Jumpstart).

Step 2. Fill-in the simple PPC configuration form (optional)

Or keep the defaults. Paid plans only.

Step 3. Connect your Google Analytics

It's easy - we'll tell you how.

Step 4. Monitor your dashboards and reports

Track the channel cost for your direct bookings and compare with your OTA commission fees (typically 15% or more).

Buy with confidence - 30-day money back guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed - you have 30 days to refund your purchase for any reason. Low channel costs - or your money back.
Tried and tested over 7 years on luxury hotels - find out more on the about us page. 

† Money-back refund applies to PPC management costs only - not Google spend.


General Questions

  • Are Google's metasearch Hotel Ads included?

    The PPC for Hotels packages are primarily for Google Search Ads - these ads appear at the top of Google search results on the *left* of the search page.
    Google's metasearch ads appear on the *right* of the search page and allow price comparison with the OTAs. This type of ad is on our upgrade roadmap for 2022.
    Note that some PPC for Hotels packages include remarketing ads.

  • Is remarketing for hotels included?

    The PPC for Hotels packages include remarketing - with the exception of the Bare Essentials package.
    If there is sufficient demand for remarketing on the Bare Essentials package, we will include it for a nominal upgrade fee in 2021.

  • Is SEO for hotels included?

    Full SEO is not included in our PPC packages - however our included hotel landing page guidelines contain some hotel SEO recommendations.
    Our team includes hotel SEO expertise that's available on a consultancy basis only - please ask for details.

  • Is Microsoft Bing Ads for hotels included?

    We run ads on Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) for hotels. However, these PPC services are not open during the COVID crisis and are not part of the Bare Essentials Google Ads package.

  • Do you have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, we offer a no-quibble 30-day money back guarantee for all our ad management packages.
    Google media spend (click costs) are not refundable. However, Google spend will be transparent to you. This means if you do not like the clicks you are paying for, you can stop the account and receive a refund for your management package.

  • What other costs are there?

    The Google spend - the click costs. You have to pay Google's click fees, and this is non-refundable. 

  • How can I upgrade my plan?

    You can change the plan any time. Just give us a call, contact us on live chat, or send a request via email if we are out-of-office-hours. Our contact details are on the about us page.

  • Do you track our booking engine?

    You should already be tracking your booking engine revenues in Google Analytics. If you are, we will use revenue data in our reports. We will not work on your booking engine ourselves, but may be able to recommend third-party assistance if you need it.

  • What's the catch?

    There are some fair limitations to this service. But there's no big 'gotchya' waiting to trap you. We are an established PPC company and we've based this package on years of experience running PPC accounts for luxury hotels.

    Future pricing for future customers will pay for the continuing management costs for early adopters. In addition, our ongoing costs are kept low due to the level of automation we employ. Most of our costs are the up-front set-up costs, and these are covered by the price of the deal (especially when the deal is 'stacked').

  • What can go wrong?

    One thing that goes wrong from time-to-time is the attribution of revenue. In our experience, this can often happen when a new pop-up is added to the website, for example. We have seen circumstances where all online sales are attributed to the pop-up itself, or in other cases sales have been attributed to 'not set' or 'direct'. 
    PPC for Hotels will not diagnose or correct tracking issues on the Bare Essentials package - such things are individual and can't be dealt with in a fixed-price package. We can provide some guidance though.

  • Are Baidu ads for hotels included?

    Baidu PPC can be provided as an upgrade to the Essentials Plus and Premium packages. This service is on-hold until COVID vaccination has been successful and is widespread globally.

  • Is this an SaaS offer?

    This service is *managed* SaaS. We manage your Ad Campaigns using our tools. 
    There is a human element to the service. The software part is provided mainly by Google Ads and Google Analytics. The human part of the service is the set-up, monitoring and tuning. 

Who is this hotel PPC service for?

  • What countries are supported?

    We run Google Ads for hotels in every country that allows Google advertising. 
    We have hotel customers around the world and invoice in UK pounds. Payment is via invoice and taxes will be calculated for your country. We don't know how 'Brexit' will affect invoicing in 2021 and beyond (will there be a Brexit deal, or no-deal?) - but you can be sure we'll make sure you get low billing wherever your hotel or resort is based. 

  • What languages are supported?

    Our hotel ads mainly target English-speaking travellers. However, bookings still come from all over the world.
    Other languages are supported on the Essentials Plus package and above. It is common to target English + the hotel's native language.
    The hotel website landing pages must support the language used in the ads.

  • Is this hotel PPC service suitable for my hotel?

    If your hotel has high OTA costs to pay every month, this service should be very profitable for you - providing you follow our landing page recommendations.

  • Is this hotel PPC service suitable for hotel chains?

    If the hotels in the hotel chain have high OTA costs, this service should be very profitable - providing our landing page recommendations are followed.
    Bulk discounts are available on Essential and Premium PPC packages for hotel chains.

  • Is this PPC service suitable for travel operators?

    The PPC for Hotels service has been used successfully with several travel operators running ads for many resorts and luxury hotels around the world.
    Bulk discounts are available on Essential and Premium PPC packages for travel operators.

  • Is this PPC service suitable for wedding venues?

    If your wedding venue has high OTA costs, this PPC service should be very profitable for you - providing you follow our landing page recommendations.

  • Is this PPC service suitable for villas and chalets?

    If your villa or chalet has high OTA costs, this PPC service should be very profitable for you - providing you follow our landing page recommendations.

  • Is this PPC service suitable for small and boutique hotels?

    If your hotel has high OTA costs to pay every month, this service should be very profitable for you - providing you follow our landing page recommendations.

  • Is this service suitable for a hotel restaurant?

    This service is not suitable for advertising hotel restaurants - it is only for acquiring more direct hotel room bookings.

  • Is this service suitable for a hotel spa, fitness club, or casino?

    This service is only suitable for advertising room booking services. Other features may be mentioned in advertising, but cannot be the primary focus.

  • Is this service suitable for third-party hotel ppc agencies?

    The PPC for Hotels white label / private label / reseller programme is closed to new members. By all means express your interest.

  • Is there an affiliate scheme?

    The affiliate scheme is on our roadmap - moved back to 2022. It's available by special arrangement before then. Please contact us to discuss. 

No credit card required - invoice only (Stripe coming soon)

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